Από τον Dextro :


We have some bonus dextro tracks on offer for free mp3 download at the URLs below (320kbps). We have four tracks in total, dating back to 2001 (at which time production involved just an Atari ST and a broken sampler!). A remix of Bonobo's 'Recurring' is also included, this was due for release on Gronland Records, but due to various contractual issues it never made it to press.

Bonobo 'Recurring' Remixed by Dextro (Unreleased 2007)
Dextro - Unsympathetic (Unreleased 2002)
Dextro - Apollojism (Unreleased 2001)
Dextro - 1207am (Unreleased 2004)

Currently various artists are remixing songs from 'Winded', and this will cumulate into a release of some kind later this year. Stay tuned for further release information in the near future.

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