Αυτά τα λέει ο Dextro στο blog του:

1. A new dextro release will be available shortly. If you would like to be kept informed, and to join the mailing list, please email:

2. Free Downloads - Arkam has completed a remix of 'Destroy The Future of all Mankind' from the album 'Consequence Music', aptly named 'Preserve the Future of all Mankind', you can download it for free here . In addition, the live set recorded at Tronic is available for free download here (right click and 'save target as' to download direct rather than stream).

οπότε χαρά μεγάλη μας περιμένει "shortly"....

ps. το remix από τον Arkam δεν είναι και τέλειο...αλλά όπως και να'χει προέρχεται από απίστευτο original....

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